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I am SO pumped about this new project with Fable Labs!

These characters have really grown from my initial concepts, similarly to how Crook, DG, Tress, etc., grew from their initial concepts into what they became in CCH1. (Did you know that Crook was initially going to be a D&D nerd, and DG was always going to smell like burnt toast?)

In StarStreakers!, the main character has changed ENTIRELY. She’s now a full fledged character that you guide through an epic journey of adventure, exploration, learning, and character development. And the supporting cast has changed, too, into hopefully more nuanced and interesting characters. The only character that still exists from my original notes is a dolphin. And he’s my favorite.

StarStreakers! will follow an episodic formula, so you won’t get it all at the same time like with CCH, but you’ll get (fairly) frequent new episodes! Hopefully, this lets me consider reader feedback as I write subsequent episodes in the series.

If you have any questions, ask away, but I can’t say too much because so much is still under wraps and subject to change. To those in the Northern Hemisphere, have a Specktacular first day of Autumn!



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Vote in the Summer Art Contest!

I’m starting judging for the art contest a day early because my wife will be out of town tomorrow and my morning will be nuts with my girls, work, etc. A few rules on voting:

  • Vote for TWO entries and refer to them by the numbers (1-8) that I randomly assigned them.
  • Please keep comments short and focused; this will help me when tabulating votes.
  • Judging ends on Friday, August 10th at 11:59 PM EST
  • You can vote only once per platform, but you can vote on all four platforms (CoG forums, website, Twitter, Facebook) if you’d like.
  • One last thing, please don’t copy/save any of the art. I’m spending $175.00 of my own money on prizes, and I own the rights to the art entries. I anticipate putting at least one of these on Red Bubble for merchandise as I did with the last contest

In your comment, refer to the number I assigned each image:

  1. Uni
  2. Speck 7 Under Friendzone Influence
  3. Synergy and MC in Tyler Park
  4. Monstrosity X versus Synergy
  5. Lady Ash
  6. Crook versus Manipulator
  7. Crook and MC at Massage Parlor
  8. DG’s Party!

Summer Art Contest Starts Now!!



Each entry must capture a scene from CCH2. Make sure it’s clear what scene you have drawn.

Up to 2 entries per contestant. Contestants MUST be at least 18 years of age at the time the entry is submitted.

Either digital or traditional mediums are fine; whatever you’re comfortable with!

Email submissions to (I will send a reply when I get it…if you don’t get a reply in 48 hours, reach out to me.)

Each applicant assigns all rights to their entries to me. Please do NOT post your entry anywhere online until after the judging is completed. Deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM on July 31, 2018.

PRIZES: (paid via PayPal) First Place: $100 USD, Second Place: $50 USD, Third Place: $25 USD. Also the top three entries wil be featured on my website and social media.

I have total discretion regarding the judging process (but I’ll probably open it up for voting like last time, as that’s more fun for everyone!) Folks working on official CCH art projects are not eligible to participate.

Any questions, just ask!


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First CCH RPG Sheet Delivered on Patreon!

Tonight I delivered the first (of hopefully many!) CCH RPG sheet to my supporters on Patreon! Here’s a little teaser image!

As you can see, Dirty Girl won last’s month voting! Her sheet includes full body image, stats, power description, trivia, and more!

If you haven’t signed up yet, and you’re interested, you can sign up NOW at the “Quickie” level, and then next month you’ll get both the Dirty Girl card AND next month’s card. Then you’ll be all caught up! You’ll also get to vote this month between Tress, Combat Wombat, and Booksmart to decide next month’s RPG sheet!

Link is here!



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CCH2 release pushed back to May 17th

Sorry for not updating this sooner!

I’m not sure what the issues are, but coordinating release on multiple platforms is always difficult, and release dates frequently change.

Still, May 17th isn’t that far away! And it actually matches up with a lot of readers’ real-life school graduation dates, so that’s actually sorta neat!


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TENTATIVE release date for CCH2: May 3rd!

This is Specktacular news!

For Steam, Android, and Amazon App Store, CCH2 will release normally. Just the same as CCH1.

For Apple users ONLY, you will need to download the NEW Hosted Games Omnibus app to access CCH2 when it releases. Find it here.  Download it now so you’ll be ready!