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Month: May 2018

First CCH RPG Sheet Delivered on Patreon!

Tonight I delivered the first (of hopefully many!) CCH RPG sheet to my supporters on Patreon! Here’s a little teaser image!

As you can see, Dirty Girl won last’s month voting! Her sheet includes full body image, stats, power description, trivia, and more!

If you haven’t signed up yet, and you’re interested, you can sign up NOW at the “Quickie” level, and then next month you’ll get both the Dirty Girl card AND next month’s card. Then you’ll be all caught up! You’ll also get to vote this month between Tress, Combat Wombat, and Booksmart to decide next month’s RPG sheet!

Link is here! https://www.patreon.com/ericmoser



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CCH2 release pushed back to May 17th

Sorry for not updating this sooner!

I’m not sure what the issues are, but coordinating release on multiple platforms is always difficult, and release dates frequently change.

Still, May 17th isn’t that far away! And it actually matches up with a lot of readers’ real-life school graduation dates, so that’s actually sorta neat!


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