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CCH2: Knowledge is Power releases everywhere on May 17th!!

It will be available on Google Play, Steam, Amazon App Store, and Apple! For Apple users only, you must download the new Hosted Games Omnibus app because CCH2 and all future Hosted Games will be released through the Omnibus on IOS. The link to the Omnibus is here: Hosted Games Omnibus

When CCH2 launches, the Omnibus will be updated.

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  1. Dango

    What is the price on Steam gonna be? Looking forward to getting it asap!

    • admin

      I’m pretty sure I know, but I’ll refrain from saying in the off chance I’m wrong!

      But it will be very reasonable.

  2. Luca

    Put my black trench coat, worn my glasses, equipment taken… Ready to take down some conspiracies

    • admin

      Oh there will be plenty of conspiracies to address, I assure you!

  3. Thomas

    I know it’s just one day before release so I shouldn’t be saying anything it’s just that I can’t wait which is why I must ask, will it real be out tomorrow? It’s cause I want to have the cash for it as soon as it’s out, i don’t want to have to wait ’till payday. I know this probably makes me sound really desperate but I am and I have no shame to admit.

    • admin

      Yep it will be out on May 17th. It has already rolled out on a couple of platforms, but it wont’ ‘officially” be released until a little later today. The publisher will send an email, put it on the blog, etc.

  4. Saf

    what timezone this game use, because now is already 17th may on new york but this game still not on play store

    • admin

      I think it will “officially” release in the afternoon US time.

  5. Thomas

    what timezone this game use, because now is already 17th may on new york but this game still not on play store

  6. Joy

    Is there uuuh no Hedonist romance?

    • admin

      I can’t comment on anything that would be spoilery yet. Right now, the only “safe” space to talk about the content of CCH2 is on the CoG forums, because we can use spoiler tags, etc., and it’s moderated.

  7. Mathew

    OK I no it’s only just been released but I’ve eaten it up so what sort of time frame for 3s release … Year , 6Months, 1 Month
    Waiting impatiently for 3rd (twitch , twitch, twitch)

    • admin

      That’s a question I can’t answer, Mathew. Trust me, it’s flattering when people devour is so quickly, it makes me feel great that they were so excited, but it’s also a bit depressing because it’s such a huge task to write/code these stories. And CCH3 will be huge and sprawling and will be a huge project.

      But in the meantime, I hope to keep supplemental content going to help “fill the gap” between Parts 2 and 3. Community College Hijinks, some short stories, RPG sheets, and other stuff.

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