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Month: August 2018

Vote in the Summer Art Contest!

I’m starting judging for the art contest a day early because my wife will be out of town tomorrow and my morning will be nuts with my girls, work, etc. A few rules on voting:

  • Vote for TWO entries and refer to them by the numbers (1-8) that I randomly assigned them.
  • Please keep comments short and focused; this will help me when tabulating votes.
  • Judging ends on Friday, August 10th at 11:59 PM EST
  • You can vote only once per platform, but you can vote on all four platforms (CoG forums, website, Twitter, Facebook) if you’d like.
  • One last thing, please don’t copy/save any of the art. I’m spending $175.00 of my own money on prizes, and I own the rights to the art entries. I anticipate putting at least one of these on Red Bubble for merchandise as I did with the last contest

In your comment, refer to the number I assigned each image:

  1. Uni
  2. Speck 7 Under Friendzone Influence
  3. Synergy and MC in Tyler Park
  4. Monstrosity X versus Synergy
  5. Lady Ash
  6. Crook versus Manipulator
  7. Crook and MC at Massage Parlor
  8. DG’s Party!