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Month: September 2018


I am SO pumped about this new project with Fable Labs!

These characters have really grown from my initial concepts, similarly to how Crook, DG, Tress, etc., grew from their initial concepts into what they became in CCH1. (Did you know that Crook was initially going to be a D&D nerd, and DG was always going to smell like burnt toast?)

In StarStreakers!, the main character has changed ENTIRELY. She’s now a full fledged character that you guide through an epic journey of adventure, exploration, learning, and character development. And the supporting cast has changed, too, into hopefully more nuanced and interesting characters. The only character that still exists from my original notes is a dolphin. And he’s my favorite.

StarStreakers! will follow an episodic formula, so you won’t get it all at the same time like with CCH, but you’ll get (fairly) frequent new episodes! Hopefully, this lets me consider reader feedback as I write subsequent episodes in the series.

If you have any questions, ask away, but I can’t say too much because so much is still under wraps and subject to change. To those in the Northern Hemisphere, have a Specktacular first day of Autumn!



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