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Month: November 2018

Community College Hero: Short Story Collection Volume 1 NOW available!

I’ve included three short stories in my first published collection, featuring some of the series’ most popular characters, like Stoic and Crook (and Dr. Hover too!)  It’s 41 pages of Speckverse adventures available for just $.99!

Link: CCH Short Story Collection Volume 1

Collection includes:

“A Very Stoic Christmas”

“By Hook or by Crook”

“Nowhere to Go but Up”


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Short CCH3 Demo Now Available through Patreon!

Work on Community College Hero 3: tentatively subtitled “A Perfect World,” has officially started!

Eventually, semi-private beta testing will take place on the Choice of Games forums, but that will be a long time from now, likely sometime in 2020.

For anyone who would like to support my writing, and who would like to get exclusive access to CCH3 as I write it, providing feedback for me as I proceed, consider checking out my Patreon page at:

At the Booksmart level, you get:

  1.  access to my feed,
  2. one monthly CCH RPG character sheet,
  3. access to any short stories that I’m working on, and
  4. access to the CCH3 work-in-progress link.

Thanks so much for your support!

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