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Guess the Achievement! (small spoiler)

One of the Achievements in Community College Hero 2 is called “Sometimes you need a Quickie.” It’s worth 25 points.

Who wants to guess what your character might have to do in order to earn this achievement?  Keep it clean(ish) and comment below!

*For non-beta testers only!  You awesome beta testers already know the answer. 



(Spoiler!) Artwork of a New Villain for Community College Hero 2!

In spring 2016, as I was working on the draft of Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power, Choice of Games invited me to participate in a charity auction for My Friend’s Place, a resource center serving homeless youth, ages 12-25, and their children. I was honored when the winning bid went for $410.00! The idea that my little story could raise that amount of money for a worthy cause was truly humbling.

The winning bidder sent me a character profile for a villain he had created, who just so happened to be a perfect match for the villain I needed to introduce in the sequel. So as a small teaser for the upcoming 2018 release of Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power, I give you the Issue 5 cover featuring the villainous Wyvern!

And many other authors were generous enough to offer prizes to potential bidders! In total, the group of seven writers raised $2,560.00 for My Friend’s Place.

See the winning bids here!

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