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Community College Hero: Trial by Fire

Community College Hero: Trial by Fire, is 168,000-word comic book-inspired interactive novel, published by Hosted Games in December, 2015.  The story is coded with ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice games and interactive novels.

Community College Hero allows the reader to customize the main character, a young student with no superpowers who is accepted into a new community college program in Speck, Nebraska, designed to train young people with low-level superpowers. The main character is the only token ‘normal’ student in entire school.

Adventures ensue! Romances get steamy! Villains appear! And the reader gets to guide the action and make choices throughout the story! Pick up Community College Hero: Trial by Fire on GooglePlayThe App StoreSteamAmazon App Store, and the Choice of Games website.  Over 25,000 readers have experienced the story; don’t miss out!